I, Miguel Ali, along with my producing team, are officially asking the Academy to nominate Kelly Mantle, for the performance in Confessions of a Womanizer, for either Best Supporting Actress or Best Supporting Actor. We are deeply proud to forge this Oscar campaign, and we are using our film festival tour to build a grassroots following for it.

Of note, Kelly Mantle’s campaign is especially historic. The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has approved Kelly Mantle to be considered for both Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress – an Oscar first. Mantle is the first openly gender-fluid person to be considered in both categories.

From Kelly Mantle:
“I love being an actor, and I’m honored and humbled to be recognized for my work. I am also grateful to be given this groundbreaking platform to bring visibility to the gender-fluid community (as well as the overall gender spectrum). Any opportunity to propel conversation and education about gender identity and diversity is “bigly” needed in these Trumpultuous times!”

For regular updates on our campaign, follow our Twitter accounts at:

Please check out the Film Festival directors below who are actively endorsing Kelly Mantle’s campaign for an Oscar nomination. We are especially proud to include Michael Rabehl’s endorsement on this list, as the festival he manages, Cinequest, is an Oscar-affiliated film festival. We are also proud to note that Tony Armer’s festival, the Sunscreen Film Festival, is an Academy Award sponsored film festival. Please check back frequently, as this list is growing by the week –

Michael Rabehl
Head Programming Director, Cinequest Film Festival

Scott Cross & Sean Cross
Co-Founders, Vail Film Festival & Cabo Film Festival

Tony Armer
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Sunscreen Film Festival

Randi Emerman
President, Palm Beach International Film Festival

Larry Richman
Manager, Palm Beach International Film Festival

Diane Raver
Founder & Director, Garden State Film Festival

Linda Kass
Founder & Director, High Desert International Film Festival

Daniel Martone
Founder & Director, Big Easy International Film & Music Festival

Greg Thompson & Laurie Zink
Founders & Directors, Silver Springs International Film Festival

Elizabeth D’Onofrio
Artistic Director, Fort Myers Beach Film Festival