As the director and writer of Confessions of a Womanizer, I’m proud to welcome you to our website. There’s a good chance you’re here because you’re inquiring about the Oscar Campaign we’re running for Gary Busey and Kelly Mantle, but before I get into that, allow me to say… if Confessions of a Womanizer doesn’t win another award or accolade from here on out, then it will still be worth it. What first-time feature filmmaker gets to work with a cast that includes Gary Busey, The Bella Twins of WWE, C Thomas Howell, Jillian Rose Reed, Andrew Caldwell, Kelly Mantle, and of course, Andrew Lawrence!

While I actually think we have many awards coming our way, I’m deeply proud of what our team has accomplished. I wrote Confessions of a Womanizer for two reasons: one was because, at the time, I was developing a biopic about Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Unfortunately, no matter how I wrote it, it always had a depressing ending. She dies (and if there’s any investors reading this, the screenplay is ready to go!). In turn, I guess I wanted to write a movie that had a happy ending, where maybe, the hero of the story gets re-born. If the story could also be touching, inspirational, and incredibly funny, one that could even make the coldest face laugh, then I figured it could be my reverse-vengeance against the world for taking Benazir away from us too early.

More importantly, when I wrote Confessions of a Womanizer, I was going through rehab for sex and alcohol addiction (but mostly sex) (I know, queue the violins and the snickering). Consider this fact though – psychological analysis has proven that the endorphin rush we get from a sexual orgasm is actually four times that what we get from a hit of heroine. Yeah, pretty powerful stuff. And for me, all of this was likely brought on by the fact that I’ve always had a dangerously addictive personality. No, I never invested in drugs, because drugs just never made sense. Alcohol? I briefly found myself addicted to alcohol, but this addiction couldn’t go as far as sex, primarily because, I found out the hard way that I”m allergic to alcohol (fun times!). Somehow, my worst toxic addictions increasingly veered towards sex. At first it was sex with girls I was dating… then it became sex with multiple girls… then it became one-night stands at bars… then it became strip clubs… then it became ‘business negotiations’ with women I had just met (you get the picture).

I don’t want to be ‘holier-than-thou.’ Many people hire prostitutes. I’m not judging. It’s a free world and people should have the freedom to do what they want (provided that they’re not enabling sex-traffickers or ‘hiring’ minors – I will ‘judge’ those things)… but I was pretty sure that I had a ‘problem’ when I noticed that, every time a stressful event hit my life (which could be anything – business, family, work related?) I would find myself scrambling to find my next ‘business negotiation.’ And at first, maybe you scramble once a month… then every week… and pretty soon, you’re scrambling every day. And in the process, you’ve become so married to your addiction that you’re subconsciously pushing away your friends, and giving up your favorite hobbies – there’s no time for anything other than your addiction. You become a complete recluse. Thus, I went to get help. Once my habit became ‘daily’ I knew I had a problem. And in the process, I found, that while I could never change my addictive personality, I could ‘addict’ myself to healthy things, with the result being now that I’m addicted to exercising, loose-leaf tea, and yoga (pretty awesome, right?).

I say all of this because, the opposite of being reclusive is to be connected with others. My journey taught me that interacting with others brings the best out of us, especially when we need help. So while I was in rehab (in conjunction with my sadness over writing the Benazir biopic) I decided to write Confessions of a Womanizer. It would be a movie with a happy-ending, that was hilarious, that encouraged us to connect with others, and that carried a theme of loving and forgiving ourselves, all things that bring the best out of us (giving us the chance to ‘re-birth’ ourselves).

But, maybe everything I’ve written above is all silly nonsense? And if it is, then let me at least say this about Confessions of a Womanizer – it is the funniest film you will ever see. The funniest. And that makes me very proud. For additional information, including info on Gary Busey’s and Kelly Mantle’s Oscar Campaign, please click the links above.

With love and peace to you all,

Miguel Ali